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Posted on 2016-02-22 by Author Admin

Every home owner desires that their garage door opener lasts for the longest time possible. This is because it will save you regular replacement costs as well as ensuring the security of your home is not compromised at any given time. There are quite a myriad number of ways that you can employ in an attempt to increase the lifespan of your door opener, some of which are reliable while others may not work effectively. For this reason, we as Charlotte Home Garage Door Specialists have come up with sure ways that you can implement and you can be certain they will work perfectly to increase the average life of your garage door opener. They include the following:


  • Proper Maintenance.

One very sure way of increasing the life span of your garage door opener is by keeping it absolutely clean such as wiping off dust on the opener. This will ensure the sensor of your opener is clear always thus maintaining its sensitivity for a long period of time. This routine should be repeated on a daily basis and you will definitely see the results. A mild detergent can also be added to water for cleaning the opener, which prevents it from rusting.

  • Ensure Timely Repair.

Door openers are prone to breaking down due to their daily use in opening and closing doors and this should be taken seriously and given the proper attention it deserves. The problem however is that a majority of people usually wait until the situation deteriorates and cannot be fixed, before they think of conducting a repair on it. This often results to frequent replacing of the openers and reduces their lifespan. You should therefore ensure that your opener is repaired immediately, regardless of whether the breakage is very small.

  • Garage Door Should Be Properly Balanced.

A poorly balanced garage door exerts a lot of pressure and strains the opener every time the door is being lifted and this causes the opener to wear out at a very fast rate. You should therefore ensure your door is equally balanced on both sides to minimize the strain. In addition to balancing, the garage door should not be banged at all costs when closing it. This is because banging damages most parts of the door, including the opener.

  • Protect it Against Harsh Weather.

During harsh weather conditions such as frost, direct sunlight and lightening, your opener should be properly covered to lengthen its life. Polythene papers and coating it with some little car wax on the surface will definitely protect it from harsh climatic conditions and ensure its lifespan is not reduced.

  • Choosing the Right Opener.

This is one important factor that a number of people usually forget yet its very key in determining the life of the opener. When buying an opener, you should always consider the weight of the door to ensure that the opener will not be strained during the lifting of the door. For example, a HP opener can only support a small or medium weight garage door and if made to lift a very large heavy door, it can break easily and hence having a reduced life.

Following the above tips is very easily because they are not complicated routine procedures and will ensure your door opener will not require frequent replacement and will last for a longer period than you expect.

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