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Posted on 2016-01-29 by Author Admin

A fixed shaft torsion springs mounted above and parallel to the metal door at the top. They are attached at one end to a fixed plate located on the top center of the frame. Sprezyn shaft extends through the wires attached to each side of the mouth and the lower disc rotates operated garage door closed. This pressure makes it easier to raise the garage door from the closed position.


Garage door springs are mounted on either side of the long, heavy springs mounted on top of the track. When the gate is closed, the functions of lifting wheels, torsion springs, … Thank you, life at the door.

Garage doors should be repaired or replaced before you release the tension springs. It is accomplished by opening the garage door fully until it hits the track bolts to prevent it. Garage door C-terminal attaching to a point below the lowest of the roller on the Door (wheels) to hold this position.

This is true if you have a garage door opener. The door is open, the spring tension is fully release. And push as far as possible without damaging the door and opens the door opener using the emergency release to disconnect the cable. In the terminal, as described above.

Disconnect the wires when installing and springs must be removed for security. Old spring is fixed at two points. Garage doors or wooden frame work is completed, there is a permanent commitment. At the other end of the garage door and wire rod covers, has been fixed. In the same way, with two rooms separated to put a new spring. Make sure the garage door can not be reversed when reattaching the cable pulley.

During the spring and disconnected from the pulley, it is a quick, hard look to give. It covers a very run down and it turns out the most rocking bearings, pulleys instead. Repair is better than any other alternative. Doors smooth run and save the extra work.

Check for proper operation of all connections before connecting door cables security system, are fully. You have a lot of new springs “live” should be found, can not close the door all the way. If that is the case, you have the garage door and the garage door in the opposite end of the blank, and a way to see how an inch or two to loosen. For this purpose, it is simply in the way, or there may be holes in the material, a special control panel, connected to the S- hook. In both cases, the same parties or the S-hook or the cable is adjusted by reducing the transfer of the road by another hole. Springs will need to pay attention to the fully open position

You garage door cable, which can be set to the escalation of the situation, you do not have enough spring tension, of course, you have to manually open the door easily.These are most important tips that are to be followed to replace garage door springs

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