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Are you having problems with water or small animals getting into your garage? It might be time to replace the weather seals on your garage door. The team at Charlotte Home Garage Doors would love to help you out!

What Is a Garage Door Weather Seal?

The weather seal on your garage door is the black vinyl piece attached to the bottom of your garage door with a metal plate. To see it clearly, open up your garage door. You can inspect it to see if it needs to be replaced. Typically, when a weather seal needs to be replaced, it will show obvious signs of wear such as cracks, splitting, or even visible chew marks from animals. You will also know it’s time to replace it if you find water or dirt and debris on your garage floor. When you are inspecting the black piece, make sure you also check the metal plate it’s attached to and see if it is rusted or corroded.

Why Weather Seal Replacement Is Important

Oftentimes, a homeowner doesn’t realize how important a weather seal is until they no longer have a working one. In colder weather, you will notice a significant drop in temperature in rooms directly attached to your garage. Weather seals also play an important role in keeping out rodents and insects from your garage. Weather seals also keep out the weather. In heavy rains, you will see water pooling up on your garage floor. If you pressure wash your garage door or driveway, you will find water in your garage afterward if you have a compromised weather seal.

The Different Types of Weather Seals

There are many different types of weather seals. The most common seal is a u-shaped bulb seal that slides onto the aluminum piece on the bottom of your door. Some other seals you might find:
  • Garage floor threshold seal: If your garage floor isn’t completely level, this would be a good option for added protection. This is a seal that you adhere to your garage floor and it creates a tight seal when your garage door is closed.
  • Insulated seals: These are like your typical bulb seal but come with an extra layer of insulation to create an even tighter seal when your door is closed. They are also nearly rodent proof.
  • Weather stripping: This is vinyl stripping that can be added to the outside of your door, around the sides and top to keep the weather out.
  • Seals between panels: This is special weather stripping you can add between the door panels to create a tight seal. This is a good option if you have an older door, with large gaps between the panels
If you are having problems with water or rodents getting into your garage, give us a call and we can help you figure out what type of seal you need.

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We are standing by to help you out with your garage door weather seals. The team here at Charlotte Home Garage Doors wants to make sure your garage is weatherproof. Give us a call today!

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